High Pressure Diffuser

Pharmaceutical grade and autoclavable high pressure diffuser, used to sample inert or viable particles in high pressure gases, such as nitrogen, CO2, etc.


Replacement and Spare Batteries

Replacement and spare batteries for portable particle counters and microbial air samplers

Replacement batteries for Climet particle counters and microbial samplers

Carrying Cases

Particle Counters and
Microbial Samplers

Rugged hard shell carrying cases for portable particle counters and microbial air samplers.

Climet Carrying Casese

Light Blocking Probes

Particle Counter

Light Blocking probes for Climet particle counters.



Climet Carrying Casese

Isokinetic Probes

Particle Counters

Isokinetic probes for Climet particle counters.

Isokinetic Sample Proves

Probe Stands

For Particle Counters

Probe stands for Climet particle counters.

Probe Stands

Isolator Sample Probes

Custom-Made Stainless Steel

Isokinetic probes for isolators, RABS, and BSC's.

Isolator, RABS and BSC Sample Probes


Filter Scanning V-Probes

HEPA Filter scanning V-Probes make identification of a leak a snap.

Filter Scanning V-Probes

Thermal Paper

Standard and Cleanroom

Standard and cleanroom thermal paper for Climet particle counters.

Climet Thermal Paper


For CI-90A Microbial Sampler

Standard and cleanroom thermal labels for the Climet CI-90A microbial air sampler.

Climet CI-90A cleanroom labels

Sample Tubing

Custom Length

Sample Tubing cut to user specified lengths.

Climet Transport Tubing

Zero Count Filters

Tested and certified to ISO Class 3

Zero Count (aka Purge) filters for Climet particle counters.

Zero Count Filters

Remote Sampling

Viable Routine Monitoring

Remote sample head for isolator, RABS, and BioSafety Cabinets. Vertical or bottom port available. Connects to a Climet microbial sampler (vacuum source) via autoclavable silicon braided tubing.

Zero Count Filters

Spare Sample Heads

Stainless Steel or Aluminum

Spare or replacement sample head for the CI-9x Series of Climet microbial air samplers.

CI-9xA spare sample head

CI-9xA Adapter Head

Remote Sampling

Adapter head for the CI-90A or CI-95A microbial sampler. Used for re mote sampling in isolators, BSCs, or other confined area. Connects via autoclavable silicon braided tubing to a remote sample head located in an isolator, or biological safety cabinet.

Zero Count Filters

CI-9xA Adapter Head

Sampling High Pressure Gases

High Pressure Diffuser Adapter head for the CI-90A or CI-95A microbial sampler. Used for sampling high pressure gases. Connects to a Climet CI-302 High Pressure Diffuser.

Zero Count Filters

Barcode Scanner

for particle counter

Easily scan Location ID, and other information easily into your Climet particle counter.

Climet Barcode Scanner


USB Memory FOB

for particle counter

Spare or replacement USB Memory FOB for Climet particle counters.


CLIMET USB Memory Stick

CI-308 External Battery Charger

Optional for CI-x5x Portable Particle Counters

All Climet particle counters have an internal battery charger. This is an ideal solution for those who wish to also use an external charger.


CI-309A Alarm Tower

For CI-3100 Ethernet Counters

Stainless Steel CI-309A alarm tower for the CI-3100 Ethernet particle counter. Works with DataPro 3 software.

CI-309A alarm tower