Instrument Carrying Cases

Small Shipping Case
P/N: 88125401

Large Shipping Case
P/N: 88126400

The Instrument Shipping Cases are great for portable particle counters.  Each cases is custom fitted to carry one portable particle counter.

In addition to reduced shipping costs, it is an excellent solution for protecting the particle counter when returning for its annual or semi-annual factory calibration.

The large instrument case is perfect for certifiers and similar users who are required to frequently transport the instrument.  The large case carries one portable particle counter, scanning probe, iso probe, tubing, two thermal paper rolls, zero-count filter, and a power cord.

Small Shipping Case
Dimensions:  10 Lbs. (4.5 Kg)  11" x 14" x 14" (28cm x 35cm 35cm)

Large Shipping Case
Dimensions:  12 Lbs. (5.4 Kg) 15" x 17" x 13" (38cm x 43cm x 33 cm)


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