Standard Particle Sizes:
0.3 μm, 0.5 μm, 1 μm, and 5 μm
(Other sizes available upon request)

High Accuracy

High Reliability

HEPA Filtered Exhaust

Internal Data Storage

Audible Alarm: Built-in,
Adjustable and Programmable

Touchscreen Display

Internal Thermal Printer

Internal Battery Charger

Completes a Full Cubic Meter
Sample in 20 minutes!

Wall Power or Battery Operation

Clone Settings Unit-to-Unit

Sample High Pressure Gases
when used with Climet's High Pressure Diffuser

Industry's first seamless stainless steel enclosure makes sanitation a snap!

Connects to existing network infrastructure & LIMS software.

ISO 21501-4
ISO 14644-1
EU GMP, Annex 1
JIS 9921
21 CFR Part 11


CI-450 Series
Portable Airborne Particle Counter
50 Liters Per Minute (LPM)
Particle Size: 0.3 μm to 25 μm

CI-450t | CI-452x | CI-453 |  CI-454

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When Accuracy Matters!™
After all, the top pharmaceutical companies in the world can't be wrong!

The CI-450 Series of 50 LPM airborne particle counters are engineered with only the highest quality materials.  This ensures a long product life-cycle, and up to decades of reliable use.  Moreover, lifetime calibration support services are offered on all our instruments.

Accuracy & Reliability

All our particle counters are engineered to exceed ISO Standards for accuracy.  50% Count Efficiency on factory new and interval calibrations are calibrated to ± 10%, rather than the looser ISO standard of ± 20%.  100% Count Efficiency is calibrated to meet the ISO Standard of ± 10%.

We have built our reputation by providing highly accurate instruments that stand the test of time.  An internal study conducted in 2014 confirms that particle counters returned for calibration over the past two years have an "In Tolerance" calibration rate of ninety-eight (98) percent! This study also included some units manufactured over 20 years ago.

Simply, Climet particle counters are engineered, tested and calibrated with tight tolerances to exceed industry standards. Years of count efficiency testing has demonstrated that a properly calibrated Climet particle counter produces good count efficiency, even after more than a decade of field operation!

Return On Investment

Not all particle counters are equal.  The initial purchase price, cost of calibrations, cost of consumables, out of warranty repairs, and product life-cycle all factor into calculating the Return on Investment.  Other intrinsic factors such as assurance, reliability, accuracy, application support, and superior customer service make Climet the unsurpassed leader in the manufacture of particle counters for cleanroom monitoring, validation, and certification.

Custom Engineered Solutions

If you have a specific technical requirement, please
contact us.  We specialize in  customizing our product to fit your needs!


All products in this series have an RS-232 data interface, internal thermal printer, filtered exhaust, wall and battery power with fully integrated battery recharger, internal data storage, and other advanced features.

Part # General Description
CI-450t 50 LPM Particle Counter with RS-232 data interface and HEPA filtered internal exhaust
CI-452x 50 LPM Particle Counter with RS-232 data interface *
CI-453 50 LPM Particle Counter with RS-232, and Ethernet data interface. *
CI-454 50 LPM Particle Counter with RS-232, Ethernet and USB data interface.*
CI-455 50 LPM Particle Counter with RS-232, and Wi-Fi. *
CI-456 50 LPM Particle Counter with RS-232, Wi-Fi and USB data interface.*

* = HEPA filtered external exhaust.

Proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA



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