Designed For Automated
Microbial Sampling of Isolators

Available in Bottom-Port or
Side-Port Versions.

Flow Rate Provides Optimal Velocity & Impaction To Ensure High Biological and Physical Collection Efficiencies

Light Weight & Easily Transported

High Reliability and Assurance

HEPA Filtered External Exhaust

VHP Compatible

100 LPM Flow Rate

Sample A Cubic Meter in 10 Minutes, or Segment A Cubic Over A User-Specified Period of time.

Variable Duty Cycle for Extended Sample Period

Uses Standard Sanitary Fittings

Multifunctional adapter heads allow remote monitoring in a biosafety cabinet or isolator, and sampling of high pressure gases.


USP <797>
ISO 14644
ISO 14698
EU GMP, Annex 1


Microbial Air Sampler
100 LPM For Continuous Monitoring

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Aseptic environments used in the manufacture of sterile products must be monitored in accordance with regulatory standards.  The CI-99 uses the highly effective and time proven active impaction method.  This collects air through a perforated head, and microorganisms are impacted onto a standard 90 mm petri dish placed into the device.  Samples can be easily controlled and collected in accordance with ISO 14698.

The CI-99 sampler head is fully autoclavable, and the unit is completely compatible with common cleaning and sanitation procedures, including VHP.

Moreover, exhaust has an internal HEPA filter before passing through the external exhaust port.  Standard sanitary fittings allow easy assembly for permanent installation.

It was designed to be easily integrated into isolators using standard stainless steel sanitary couplings and Tri-Clamps for customized, permanent installations. 

It is controlled and monitored through standard Ethernet.  Delayed and segmented sampling allows an entire process to be monitored and set up in advance.

Quality Manufactured Products

The CI-99 microbial sampler is engineered with only the highest quality materials.  This ensures a long product life-cycle, and up to decades of reliable use.  Moreover, we provide calibration support support services for all of our devices over their lifetime.

Microbiological air sampling in cleanrooms and other controlled environments usually requires the sampling of large volumes of air (at least 1 m3).  The 100 LPM flow rate provides a critical element in both the velocity and impaction of the sample, and therefore the accuracy of the results.  

Return On Investment

Not all microbial samplers are equal.  The initial purchase price, cost of calibrations, cost of consumables, out of warranty repairs, and product life-cycle all factor into calculating the Return on Investment.  Other intrinsic factors such as assurance, reliability, accuracy, application support, and superior customer service make Climet the unsurpassed leader in the manufacture of instrumentation for cleanroom monitoring, validation, and certification.

Custom Engineered Solutions

If you have a specific technical requirement, please contact us.  We specialize in customizing our product to fit your needs!


All products in this series have an Ethernet data interface, built-in thermal printer, HEPA filtered exhaust, wall and battery power with fully integrated battery recharger, and other advanced features.

Part # General Description
CI-99 100LPM Microbial Sampler with Aluminum Sample Head *

* Aluminum or 316L stainless steel sampling head sold separately.

Ask about our High Pressure Diffusers and Adapters, and our Remote Sample Head. 

Proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA.


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