Microbial Air Sampling in Biosafety Cabinets and Isolators

Climet's CI-90A  and CI-95A microbial samplers, in accordance with  biopharmaceutical manufacturing best practices, should generally use a remote sampling kit when monitoring biosafety cabinets (BSC's) or isolators.

The entry and exit of a microbial sampler in these micro-environments will significantly disrupt the laminar flow, increasing the risk of biocontamination.  Moreover, the exhaust generated by the microbial sampler will further disrupt the laminar flow, and compound the risk of biocontamination.

As shown here, an aluminum remote adapter head is installed onto the microbial sampler in place of the standard sample head.  It is then connected via ¾ inch autoclavable silicon braded tubing onto a stainless steel remote sample head, which is mounted either vertically or horizontally inside the BSC or isolator. The agar ladened petri dish is then installed into the remote sample head. 

This configuration substantially mitigates the risk of biocontamination, and as stated previously is a "Best Practice" in biopharmaceutical production facilities.

Aluminum Remote Adapter Head.... p/n 01210104
Autoclavable Silicon Braded Tubing (per foot)... p/n: 73306100
Stainless Steel Side-Port Remote Sample Head... p/n: 01245011
Stainless Steel Bottom-Port Remote Sample Head... p/n: 01245111


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