Accessories & Software

Please, contact our Inside Sales Team for a quote on the following accessories:

High Pressure Diffuser & Adapters

Used when sampling compressed air and gases with particle counters and microbial samplers. Quick disconnect, barbed, or VCO fitted models.

Microbial Sampler - Remote Sampling Kit
Used for monitoring biosafety cabinets and isolators.

  Isokinetic Filter Scanning Probes
Used for scanning HEPA Filters.  Available in 1 CFM, 50 LPM, and 75 LPM models.  50/75 LPM models have an optional monopod.

Instrument Carrying Cases
Carry case for use with Climet 'CI-x50' series of air particle counters. The case includes foam interior to prevent damage to particle counter and has a tray to store Mains Lead, Tubing, ISO Probe,  etc.

Climet Software Solutions

Isokinetic Probes
High quality, 316 stainless steel isokinetic probes, available in four flow rate sizes: 1.0 cfm (28.3 l/min), 50 l/min, 75 l/min and 100 l/min, dependent upon flow rate. Designed so that a cross-section of air is drawn in with minimal turbulence, ensuring that a representative sample is obtained.

Light Blocking Isokinetic Probes
For use only with Climet particle counters when sampling without tubing.  Available in flow rates of 1.0 cfm (28.3 l/min), 50 l/min, 75 l/min and 100 l/min.

Stand for Isokinetic Probes
Black anodized aluminum stands for Isokinetic Probe.
Recommended for EU GMP Grade A and B areas and ISO Class 3-6.

Cleanroom Thermal Paper Printer Rolls
Special "cleanroom" thermal paper available. Comes in boxes of 20 or 25 rolls, depending upon your instrument. 

  Zero Count Filters 
Purge or zero count filters allow the user to make a quick sanity check of the sensor before making the day's round of monitoring.  The test demonstrates there is no major problem with the instrumentation that would result in false high counts. 

  Transport Tubing 
The transport tubing of choice within the particle counting industry is Bev-A-Line XX Tubing, which can be autoclaved.

  RS-232 Bar Code Scanner 
For the CI-x53/54/55/56 models.

  Battery Replacements & Spares 
For all portable particle counters and microbial samplers

USB Flash Drive 
For the CI-x54/56 models.


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