Portable Particle Counters

Climet offers over 15 different models, differentiated by a combination of flow rates and feature levels.

Flow Rate Considerations

The traditional flow rate for a particle counter was 1 CFM (Cubic Foot per Minute) or 28.3 LPM (Liters per Minute).  With the release of ISO 14644-1, and with the increased importance of 5 micron particle to the Life Science Industry, cubic meter sampling became a requirements for Class 5 environments in both FDA and GMP Annex 1 regulated clean areas. 

At 1 CFM, it takes 35.3 minutes to sample a cubic meter, which is a significant demand on manpower resources. Climet pioneered higher flow rates in response to this problem, introducing instruments with 50 LPM, then 75 LPM, and ultimately 100 LPM flow rates.  This allowed cubic meter samples in 20, 13.3, and 10 minutes respectively.

The first consideration is what the optimum flow rate is for your sampling requirements. 

If you have an ISO Class 3-5 area to monitor, and if 5 micron is a size of importance for your monitoring (e.g., Life Science Industry), then a high flow rate unit is recommended for non-continuous monitoring applications.  While higher flow rates are more expensive, the difference in price is quickly offset in reduced labor costs.

For Class 6 environments or higher, the minimum sample time at 1 CFM is 2.5 minutes.  According to ISO 14644-1, for Class 7 and Class 8, the required sample time is one minute (1 minute minimum per regulatory standards).  Therefore, Climet recommends a 1 CFM particle counter for ISO Class 6-9, since there is no important benefit for higher flow rates; as well as for continuous monitoring applications (such as fill-stations).

Fed Std 209E
Annex 1
Max. Concentration Limits
3 of air)
for particles equal to and larger than
the sizes listed below
0.3μm 0.5μm(1) 1μm 5μm(1)
  ISO Class 4.8 Grade A undefined 3,520 undefined 20
100 ISO Class 5 Grade B 10,200 3,520 832 29
1,000 ISO Class 6 - - - 102,000 35,200 8,320 293
10,000 ISO Class 7 Grade C undefined 352,000 83,200 2,930
100,000 ISO Class 8 Grade D undefined 3,520,000 832,000 29,300

NOTE: Uncertainties related to the measurement process require that concentration data with no more than three significant figures be used in determining the classification level.
(1) GMP is identical to ISO 14644-1 limits on 0.5 μm particle size "at rest".  For GMP 5 μm particles should be rounded down.  For example, 20, 290, 2,900 and 29,000.
These are average values.

Data Interface Options

Once you have determined the appropriate flow rate, the next decision is to determine the type of data interface.  Climet offers a number of data interface options including:  RS-232, Ethernet Modbus, USB and/or wireless. 

Please, feel free to contact us for personal assistance.  We would be happy to make appropriate recommendations based on your application.



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