RMA Terms & Conditions (Calibration or Repair Service)  

    Climet Instruments Company is a division of Venturedyne, Ltd., a Wisconsin corporation (herein together referred to as "Climet").  By sending in products to Climet for service, you (herein referred to as "Sender" or "Customer") confirm you have the legal capacity to bind your organization to these terms and conditions; AND explicitly agree and acknowledge the following terms and conditions:

  1. All sales are final.  No credits, refunds, exchanges, or upgrades.  If an exception is made, there is a 30% restock fee.

  2. All product returns are exclusively issued and authorized by Climet.   All returned products must be accompanied by the RMA number and its associated paperwork, and the RMA number must be written clearly on the outside of the box.

  3. Return Material Authorization is only valid for 45 days from the date of issuance. 

  4. Sender is responsible for data removal before returning products to Climet for service. Climet waives all liability for loss or misuse of any data stored on returned products.

  5. Shipment to Climet, all product(s) must be shipped to Climet prepaid by Sender to the address indicated on the RMA paperwork, and with proper packaging so as to ensure safe and secure transportation. Climet shall not be liable for any lost or damaged returns.  Sender is responsible for insuring the shipment to Climet.

  6. Non-warranty service, Sender shall be billed for return shipment, and Climet will return product uninsured and at our discretion by either regular ground service, or cheapest method.  For Warranty Service, Climet will ship product to Sender prepaid and uninsured. In either case, Sender assumes all risk for lost or damaged returned shipment. If Sender would like Climet to insure the return shipment then Sender must notify Climet at the time of the order, and the cost of insurance will be billed to Sender.

  7. Expedited return shipping shall be at customer's expense.

  8. Any product returns that are found to be abused or otherwise tampered with will not be considered for repair or return.  Any product that is returned defective that is not found to be defective will be retested, certified and returned.

  9. Climet's warranty covers manufacturing and workmanship defects only and does not cover any damages due to installation, environmental or natural causes.  Incidental or consequential damages are not covered by Climet's warranty.

  10. Climet is not responsible for received shipments with missing contents.  Climet will inform the Sender if a package is received without some or all of its contents.  Customer will need to contact the shipper regarding any disputes.

  11. Customer shall report any damages, defects, or missing products to Climet within five (5) business days or receipt of the returned product(s).

  12. Climet's sole liability and exclusive remedy for any acknowledged defect(s) shall be the replacement of the product in question. Climet shall not be liable under any circumstances, including negligence, for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages. Sender acknowledges that Climet waives all product liability after the warranty period as expired, and thereafter the customer has no recourse.

  13. Right to Offset.  In consideration for Climet servicing Customer's equipment, Customer is obligated to work with Climet with regards to providing Climet any requested information, approval decisions, purchase order(s), payment, or other information / documentation as needed in a timely and reasonable fashion (defined as within 90 days). Failing to fulfill this obligation, it is understood and mutually agreed that Climet shall have the exclusive right to offset for any amount due (or accrued) on the equipment associated with the RMA. Prior to exercising this right to offset, Climet shall use best efforts to provide Customer a ten (10) day advance written or verbal notification of its intent to exercise said right to offset (i.e., a Cure Period), and Customer shall within this period have an opportunity to come to a mutually acceptable arrangement with Climet. If the right to offset is thereafter exercised by Climet, said equipment shall be considered by the Customer as having a value of $1 and shall also be considered as abandoned by the Customer. ALSO, Customer acknowledges that title of ownership of the equipment shall pass to Climet, and it is acknowledged that Climet further retains a separate right to collect on any past due or accrued amounts through normal collection or legal processes, if Climet so chooses.

  14. Climet reserves the right to modify this RMA Agreement at anytime without advanced notification.

Return for Repairs

    In addition to the aforementioned terms, products being returned for repair are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Products returned for repair may or may not be covered under warranty.

  2. For warranty consideration, the original invoice number may be required to validate warranty coverage. 

  3. Warranty is voided where there is an indication the instrument has been damaged, tampered with or applied in a manner that is inconsistent with its intended use.  The warranty is also voided if any exterior labels have been have been removed or obstructed.

  4. Unless an extended warranty is purchased from Climet directly, under no circumstance shall the original warranty be extended.

  5. When an out-of-warranty repair is performed, that particular repair (not the instrument) is warranted for 90-days for parts and workmanship. 

  6. Routine repairs, such as replacing a printer, may have standard repair pricing based on a flat rate.  Flat rate repair fees are communicated upon issuance  of an RMA.  By submitting the product described in the issued RMA for repair, the customer acknowledges and agrees that it shall pay that amount charged by Climet, and outlined on the RMA, for the repair.  Should there be any additional charges Climet will contact the customer for additional approval.  If customer wishes to cancel the repair order, customer acknowledges that they shall be liable to Climet for the original amount quoted in issued RMA.

  7. Evaluation Fee - Instruments that are out-of-warranty with intermittent failures, failures that require troubleshooting, failures due to obsolete components, or models that are over ten (10) or more years old may not be repairable. Customer shall be quoted an Evaluation Fee that will be used towards the initial time expended for evaluation, and any excess amount will be applied towards the cost of the repair. Customer agrees that if no solution can be found, they will be given an opportunity to sets a maximum amount for any additional time spent on the investigation and this time will be billed at the standard hourly rate.  Irreparable environmental monitoring equipment that is out-of-warranty may be eligible for a discount or rebate on the purchase of new replacement instrumentation... please contact Climet's Service Center Manager for additional terms and conditions. 

International Customers

Products being returned for repair when Customer is located outside the United States of America, we encourage you to seek service with your local Climet Authorized Service Center.  If Climet services your products, Customer will be liable for all incoming and outbound shipping charges including but not limited to shipping charges, broker fees, taxes, tariffs, duties, insurance, etc.


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