LIMS Compatibility

What is a LIMS?

A Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) is a software system developed to support laboratory operations. A LIMS features include, but are not limited to, workflow and data tracking support, flexible architecture, and data exchange interfaces, which fully support its use in regulated environments.  The core function of a LIMS is to track sample data (particle counters, microbial air samplers, etc.), but this has evolved over the years to also include enterprise resource planning tools that manage multiple aspects of laboratory informatics.

How Do I Use My LIMS With Climet Particle Counters?

In order to mitigate setup costs, we generally recommend end users of our particle counters that have a LIMS system (provided by a 3rd Party), use their 3rd Party LIMS to manage their sample data paperless through automation. After all, you've already paid for the LIMS, and the tracking of sample data is the primary purpose of a LIMS. 

LIMS Capabilities

A properly configured and capable LIMS system will trend data, calculate alert and action levels for volume samples less than a cubic meter, trigger alarms, run reports, and do everything that you need.  Your system administrator will need to contact your LIMS software provider for further assistance.

Uploading of Sample Data

Sample data from a Climet particle counter can be downloaded into the LIMS a number of different ways including Telnet, Serial Communications (RS-232 / RS-485), Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, or 4-20mA. The type of data interface depends on the model of the Climet particle counter. 


To implement paperless data transfer, contact your LIMS software provider. Describe what data interface (Telnet, serial, 4-20mA, etc.) you would like to use for downloading sample data. The software provider will supply a script and instructions on how to download the sample data from your particle counter into your LIMS.

Unfortunately, Climet is unable to provide end user technical support for 3rd Party software, except directly to the 3rd Party software provider. The reason for this is because our support is limited to, for example, ASCII commands that the 3rd Party software provider will implement in their proprietary script. Also, due to the relatively large number of different LIMS and Facility Monitoring System (FMS) providers, as well as software revision updates that may affect your implementation - - we recommend you contact your 3rd Party Software provider directly to obtain implementation instructions.

Climet Software Alternatives

For those that do not have a LIMS or wish to use separate software, Climet offers a number of paperless software solutions that can be used for sample data collection, trending, etc. For more information on Climet's DataPro 2.5e, DataPro 3, or Secure Macro software, Click Here.


Climet particle counters are compatible with virtually every LIMS system available on the market today. Short of a guarantee, in the 55+ year history of Climet we have successfully integrated our instruments with every LIMS used by our customers. Below is a partial list:

MODA-EM paperless QC Micro from Lonza




Indusoft SCADA


Lab Vantage

Novatek Nova-LIMS 

and many more!