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About Climet

Climet Instruments Company, A Venturedyne Company, has been in operation since 1962.  Company is currently engaged in the manufacture of cleanroom environmental monitoring and validation equipment. Our niche is the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and regulated life science industries. Climet holds dozens of multi-jurisdictional patents in the field of particle counting and microbial sampling, and each instrument manufactured incorporates at least one of these innovations. Climet has a time-proven track record of customer inspired innovation, and all products are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

Quality is in our DNA™. Climet takes pride in that we are an innovator, not an imitator. A global leader in the field of environmental monitoring for 60+ years, we are focused on providing our customers the highest quality equipment that eliminates or mitigates deviation reports and investigations caused by interval calibration failures (i.e., a hidden CoPQ). We strive to provide users the highest accuracy and stability of measurement, as well as a long product life cycle, and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Putting our clients' interests first, we work hard to provide unsurpassed value!

Our Mission

Value, Quality and Innovation.  These are the hallmark principles and core values in everything we do - From product development, to calibration and support services, and how we treat our employees and customers.

Our Vision

To manufacture the highest quality products that maximize value and provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to regulated customers.

Our Values

We act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do. We accept ownership of our work each day. We strive for customer satisfaction, and we are committed to never ending improvement and continuous innovation. 


First in the  industry to introduce numerous cyber security enhancements on the CI-x70 portable particle counter (cryptographic, network, and communication protocols). Also incorporated new features that limit Surface Area and Access Control vulnerabilities, and more.

Introduced the CI-97 Intelligent Microbial Air Sampler

First in the industry to introduce a robust sample abort reporting that maintains all metadata including sample counts at the time the sample is prematurely terminated. This is an Admin option on the CI-x5x and CI-x70 portable particle counters.

Introduced the CI-3100 TRIDENT RS particle counters.

Patented new method for laser diode diagnostics.

Calibration Laboratory first accredited ISO 17025:2017

Pioneered the CI-3100 Trident OPT Series. The industry's first particle counter for continuous monitoring applications in critical areas with integrated vacuum pump that operates with Power-Over-Ethernet (POE). Also provides users a sample memory buffer (10,000 samples),and new patented technology that automatically senses if a laser diode has failed. If this should occur, warning messages and LED lighting will alert users immediately.

Introduced the CI-x70 Series of portable particle counters:
- Pioneered the smallest and lightest portable particle counter in the industry.
- Pioneered a new patented blower technology.
- Pioneered capacitive touch screen (swipe and pinch/zoom)

Modified the CI-9x microbial sampler ('A' version) based on significant research and development. New samplers offers users unparalleled accuracy of measurement and stability of measurement.

Accredited to ISO 9001:2015

Company's Quality Management System first accredited ISO 9001:2008.

Pioneered industry first Wi-Fi particle counter with Check Sum security (21 CFR Part 11), and sample data synchronization.

Pioneered the CI-105x Series. The industry's first 100 LPM flow rate particle counter.

ISO 21501-4 (particle counter calibration standard) was ratified, and was virtually a mirror image of the JIS 9921 standard. In 1993, Climet was the first particle counter manufacturer who claimed to meet the JIS 9921 standard for calibration accuracy, and this claim was soon mirrored by our competition. When ISO 21501-4 was introduced, Climet was the only manufacturer of particle counters that did not need to re-design their particle counters to meet the "new" standard. To the contrary, Climet was meeting ISO 21501-4 since 1993, 12 years BEFORE the standard was ratified.

Climet discontinued the manufacture of the CI-450, CI-500 and CI-550 due to component obsolescence.

Introduced and pioneered the CI-75x Series. The industry's first 75 LPM flow rate particle counter. And, still the only manufacturer that offers 75 LPM.

Pioneered the CI-45x t-Series or Family of portable particle counters. Came out as a replacement for the older CI-450 particle counter, which could no longer be manufactured due to component obsolesce.

Introduced the CI-9x Series of active microbial air samplers. In order to satisfy customer requirements in the pharmaceutical industry, in 2005, Climet introduced the first in a line of microbial air samplers to meet and exceed all requirements and recommendations of ISO 14698-1:2003. Today, it uniquely remains the only solution for biopharmaceutical manufacturers who wish to satisfy this standard. Our samplers incorporate patented blower technology, stainless steel enclosure, fully integrated mass flow meter with automatic flow control (eliminates deviation reports and investigations), HEPA filtered exhaust, and more. In nearly 15 years of manufacturer, we are not aware of any interval calibration out-of-tolerance conditions, and a 2017 survey among 3rd party calibration service providers confirms the aforementioned. Consequently, users can eliminate or substantially mitigate failure investigations due to interval calibration failures.

Introduced the CI-450. Industry's first 50 LPM portable particle counter to:

- Provide EU GMP Annex 1 reporting
- Four levels of security
- 50 LPM flow rate particle counter.


Pioneered and still the only manufacturer that tests and certifies each newly manufactured particle counter's HEPA filtered exhaust to ensure its exhaust emissions either meet or exceed ISO Class 3 standards for air cleanliness, and to ensure no HEPA filter leaks.

Climet's last year manufacturing the CI-6300 and CI-7400, which was a 0.19 μm particle counter.

Introduced the CI-500, 1 CFM battery powered portable particle counter:
- Pioneered the industry's first portable particle counter with 1 CFM flow rate.
- Pioneered the industry's first particle counter with HEPA filtered exhaust
- Pioneered the industry's first particle counter with true sensitivity down to 0.3 μm
- Pioneered the industry's first particle counter with stainless steel enclosure


With the introduction of the CI-500, Climet was the first manufacturer to advertise that it met or exceeded the JIS 9921 standard for accuracy. (Also see 2008)

Climet's last year manufacturing the CI-6400 and CI-7500, which was a 0.10 μm particle counter, based on a Helium-Neon plasma tube.

Pioneered the first remote sensor particle counter with fully integrated vacuum pump (CI-3100 OPT).


An officer of WEHR Corporation acquired Climet and various other divisions of WEHR, and created Venturedyne Ltd., our current parent organization.

April 1972, relocated from Sunnyvale, California, (Silicon Valley) to current location in Redlands, California. Building at this time was shared by Air Factors Company.

Acquired by WEHR Corporation.

Acquired by EG&G.

Began the manufacture of particle counters.

Company founded in Silicon Valley, California.