Press Releases

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Press Releases

Click Here  20 July 2022, Climet announces the final lifetime buy of the CI-x56 WiFi Portable Particle Counter. Recommended replacement is the NextGen CI-x70.

Click Here  15 May 2021, Climet announces the introduction of the CI-97 intelligent microbial air sampler.  Incorporates data and user integrity, and many advanced features not found elsewhere. Pharmaceutical and industrial grade. 

Click Here  29 March 2021, Climet announced the CI-150t, CI-450t, and CI-750t models are being discontinued and consolidated. The direct cross is the CI-152x, CI-452x, and CI-752x models.  Last time buy is September 30, 2021.

15 September 2020. Climet announces the introduction of their User Authenticator™ feature for the CI-x70 Family, which significantly reduces or eliminates the most common audit findings for Data & User Integrity violations of FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Click Here  15 January 2020:  Climet announces the introduction of their new CI-3100 TRIDENT RS remote sensor particle counter.  Autosensing 10/100 Ethernet remote sensor with a stored data memory buffer, optionally powered by either Power-Over-Ethernet (POE+) or 24 VDC, and fully 100% VHP compatible.

Click Here  April 1, 2019: Climet announces the hire of Jason Ward, Operations Manager, and member of Climet's executive team.

November 17, 2017: Climet pioneers User Authenticator Software™ (LDAP / Active Directory Login) for CI-x5x portable particle counters.

Click Here  15 September 2017:  Climet announces the introduction of the CI-x70 Family NextGen™ portable particle counters.

Click Here  10 June 2017: Climet introduces the CI-3100 Trident Series of continuous monitoring particle counters. Includes stored data memory buffer, and optional Power-Over-Ethernet (POE).  Climet is the first to introduce a remote sensor particle counter with built-in vacuum pump that operates through POE.  Other options include Wi-Fi, and standard wall power configuration.

Click Here  23 March 2016:  Climet appoints new distributors for the DACH (Deutschland, Austria, and Swiss) territory.